Sunday, December 11, 2011

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Part One: Remember, Remember the fifth of November
Part Two: For My Eyes Only 
Part Three: Giving Back 

Steaks and Stakes
So this was supposed to be the weekend where Juna, Acee, Chinky and I planned the “shala” dinner of steaks and wine.

Unfortunately, Chinky had UTI and I wasn’t feeling up for anything that night so I had to cancel our attendance. But Juna and Acee had the dinner anyway and tagged me to the pictures.

While two of my friends were having dinner, I was texting some people I met online out of boredom. Well, I was also thinking a good lay would help my immune system.

So when one of them confirmed the invitation to my place, I took the chance of meeting him up.

No. This is not one of those fairy tale stories of meeting someone who was so perfect for me and fall in love and ride to the sunset. I have learned to compartmentalize the people I meet, sometimes heavily depending on how we meet.

I don’t date people I consider friends. Past relationships have been into a “No Communication” category. I’ve recently activated the “Not Even in the Work Area” principle in dating. And I try my best to keep away from having a sexual Venn diagram with other people.

He wasn’t perfect, just like everyone else. He was a bit taller and bigger than me. Not my usual type, actually. But, I thought, what could go wrong?

So we met up and proceeded with the deed. He was actually sweet in bed but a bit reserved. I am rarely ticklish unless done deliberately so I’m good with any means of foreplay.

Nothing was out of the ordinary from past experiences until… he found my weak spot.

I always knew that there is this body part that makes me weak yet euphoric but this was the first time anybody knew how to work his way in and around it.

Another first in quite a long time, I was genuinely moaning and it was… LOUD. I’d had to push my face to a pillow just to muffle myself.

Good thing my neighbors were out since I wasn’t able to play any background music and our voices were the only audible sound in the still of the night.

Well, learning more about yourself is always a good thing but it’s better when you have someone to help you find out. Hahaha! 
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