Monday, December 5, 2011

Now Showing… All Weekends of November 1/4

It’s been quite some time since you’ve heard from by rambles. Pagbigyan n’yo na ko. Birthmonth ko naman eh.
But since this is a page in the universe all about me, here is a summary of what just happened:

Remember, Remember the fifth of November

A few friends from the PinoyG4M community decided to have a private soirée of a few selected personalities. It’s the Finer Things Club (FTC), as named by one of our hosts, from the TV series The Office.

So there we were: Bananafish, trimegistus , Naivete, T’yang, GeekyGuide and garapata (who were also our hosts).

Since this IS FTC, we brought a few bottles of wine. Our hosts were kind enough to bring out some cheeses and French bread.

The night began with nothing less than… ADVENTURE TIME! And we instantly loved the Lumpy Space Princess… like for real.

Next stop garapata brought out his board games. Since Bananafish and trismegistus were board virgins, we started with one of our favorites: Dixit.

One thing I’m realizing now is that board games are better played than explained. In my attempt to write how the game goes, I thought I was creating a simple if-then-else flowchart.

Now Citadels is for those who are into strategy games. Imagine a kingdom where you must raise money, build all these buildings, try to have the highest point BUT your role changes every turn.

Our creative minds worked over time with two rounds of Once upon a Time. We were like a pool of writers who had one end goal and a few things up our sleeves while trying to make the story as fluid as possible.

Looking back, it’s quite contrary that we called the Finer Things Club, yet we spent the night watching cartoons and board games, wine at hand and nibbling cheese.

 That’s a fifth of November to truly remember.

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