Friday, December 9, 2011

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Giving Back

For weeks I have been involved in the planning for an outreach headed by Akei and PinoyG4M to visit and provide assistance for the Home for the Golden Gays.

I was distracted at work calculating and simulating possible scenarios for the said event. Talk about over thinking.

It’s the first charity event I’ve been part of in years and I wasn’t used to setting things aside especially when I feel there are a lot of things to be done and we haven’t met some of the goals we set.

Our initial target was P15K for the food and goodie bags we were handing out. And thankfully because of the kindhearted sponsors we exceeded our estimates towards the end of the week.

The event was scheduled on a Sunday, November 20, to accommodate the Home’s schedule availability. Jade, Bern, Juna, Acee and I met Saturday morning to finalize the workload and division of labor.

We’ve decided to give out some groceries, sacks of rice, medicines, and all the basics since we’ve learned that the Home was also used as a transient house also.

It’s always best to be prepared beforehand but we were already becoming experts on cramming.

Sunday morning came and just like a choreographed ballet, we began travelling all around to finish our bucket list.

PJ from Akei did a wonderful job in handling and assisting the event. Early bird award goes to Marko of UP Babaylan who helped out in our event. PinoyG4M members were more than willing to help out, like run to the nearest market to fetch some things. Mind you, none of us were familiar with the area but the will to help out was too strong to ignore.

Aside from having fun (Imagine a room filled with a wide range of gay people.) it was fulfilling.

Nobody was aware that it was also my birthday. I sent a text message to everyone I was close to who attended the outreach.

For all the people who were part of this outreach, I also thank you for making this one of the best and most fulfilling birthday.

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