Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Now Showing… All Weekends of November 2/4

Part One here.

For My Eyes Only

The cute and loveable niece was celebrating her 7th birthday. So I decided to file leaves for the 11th and 14th so that I could spend more time with her.

Ironically my glasses broke Wednesday and I was forced to wear my contacts. It didn’t really matter much until my team mates noticed that my eyes were getting red. Since I wasn’t feeling any irritation I simply assumed it was out of the lack of sleep and some forces beyond this realm.

By Thursday I was already hiding from my boss. My eyes were bloodshot and swelling. I even had to plea to make me stay at least until my shift ends. It’ll be a few hours anyway. My boss is pregnant and I completely understand her concern not only for herself but to everyone else on the team being infected by the dreaded sore eyes. It would spell complete disaster for a team of five.
She agreed to my bargain and I was very cautious touching anything and had a bottle of disinfectant alcohol all the time.

Like a kitten almost blind with eye crap, I stayed at home and tried to lick ‘em till they heal. Friday evening came and I had to cancel a meet up to watch Six Degrees of Separation from Lilia Cuntapay by 9pm.
10pm I was already as bored as hell.

After an hour Juna called up and invited me at Cubao X with Nono and a couple of friends from iBoreds. I successfully trotted my way there and downed two bottles of Red Horse. (Endorsement! Are you reading this?)

On our way home, the practically neighbor Juna and I were thinking the same thing… BITIN! So we went to the nearest convenience store to get a couple of bottles of wine.

Later, Acee, Juna’s housemate and Chinky, my former housemate, joined our night cap. (Or morning cap… Or… Well, whatever you want to call it.)

Slightly sober we were still able to go to the nearest market to purchase some food for the survival of the rest of our weekend.

So I was back again at trying to lick off my eyes from the accumulating eye crap till I got back to work Tuesday.

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