Thursday, October 13, 2011

Wines and Whines

Darlings, I know it's been quite some time.  I'm VHAAACK with more kuda!


Some people have hobbies and past times. Some travel, while others get into a variety of games. I suddenly developed a taste for wine.

Though it's becoming annoying when I talk to some friends about this. I'd really like to tell them, "Ano ba?! Hindi naman sosyal ang pag-inom ng wine. Sa iba eh normal lang 'yan..." But like what my friend has pointed out, wine drinking is not a practice for commoners even in Europe, hence the connotation of it as elitist of sort.

I have no plans of being a sommelier or part of the Confrérie des Chevaliers du Tastevin. These things take more time and experience and I have not the means nor the finances to pursue such ideas... for now.

When I accompanied some friends on separate occasions, I also began noticing that there are a lot of selections under P500 - surprisingly, even under the P300 marker!

So far I've tried:

Carlo Rossi California Red
Carlo Rossi Sangria
and one more I can't remember if it's Moscato or Burgundy
Maria Clara Sangria
Paul Masson Burgundy
Spanish Gate Sweet
Grand Marinella Vino Rosso

So I'm still trying to learn the strings. Any suggestion, comment or reaction will be highly appreciated.

BTW: I just found out that I get asphyxiated with other liqueurs and alcoholic drinks.


The issues in pg4m got worse before they got better.

It's peculiar how people may perceive that they are included when I say pedestrian. Up to now I still read remarks that indirectly targeted at me.

Oh well. Hindi ko na problema  kung ganoon man kababa ang tingin nila sa mga sarili nila. No one tried to confront me or something...

I still feel sad and tee bit disappointed how everything rolled out.

(And since I'm becoming overly conscious, nahinto nalang to dito.)


Thanks to a friend, this got me staring at the corner of my workstation at bigla na lang nanlalabo ang mga mata ko. Tears were beginning to form.

Well, he was just returning the favor when I forwarded him Meryll Streep's rendition of The Winner Takes It All in the movie Mama Mia and C'est Fini La Comedie and Comme d'Habitude interpreted by the Philippine Madrigal Singers (Madz).

Music is a big part of my life. Not long ago, my student gave me Acclamation by Madz and placed a small dedication inside, "Thank you for being one of the soundtracks of the album of my life".

And just like the songs we used to love,  we have to accept that there are people in our past that will always be able stir us to confusion of sorts, remind us of memories long gone and emotions well kept.

In my case, two significant figures have crossed my path. My previous Vicious Cycle lasted for six years and only recently I have put my foot down and do what I think is the right thing, a coming to terms  if you  may. The ersatz relationship created some benchmarks in finding a partner. 

Of course, I wouldn't have come up to this point without another person who came along. Itago na lang natin s'ya sa  pangalang J.

I still carry some burden of stirred memories and emotions from time to time, sometimes  without external stimuli. To some extent, I am in the path of recovery – something that I am still figuring out and formulating.


And lastly, I am once again plagued by my gout since Sunday (10092011). Prolly take me another week to fully recover. I'm very close at buying a cane.

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