Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Mirror has Two Faces

I've recently noticed that this blog is beginning to be the chronicles of my weekends. And since we're at it...


Just as always, we start in the morning of the 17th of the Morning Glory, the day some consider Shabbat, I was set on the journey home for my sister's birthday celebration.

 I wasn't really up to it though. (I hope she doesn't read this part. harhar!) There are just certain things that I would like to set aside until I am in a better condition to face them or find a way to resolve.

Then a dear friend asked me if I had some extra time since he needed the distraction. I agreed to meet up in the apartment after my shift.

So I got a bottle of wine, he brought a bottle of vodka. So we started to warm up. I didn't want to ask the reason for the sudden catching up, else he'd just go defense on me.

I just downed a couple of glasses of wine when...

(and just during editing I realized this is supposed to be the part where we suddenly get to bed and makes it the turning point of our lives. The previous would be ridicuoulous but the latter was inevitable.)

.... the Housemate arrived.

It's been quite some time since I've been trying to set up these two people to meet, now I can admit that i've imagined and calculated how it would be. Happy naman! And it was really surprising how much they have in common.

It was really a blast!
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