Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Between Bourgeoise and Pedestrian

Saturday morning (after Friday shift) I met with someone and had quite a good breakfast. Almost 30 years, and now I am just gently venturing into dating. Weird, right?

I suddenly realize how juvenile I still am in the aspect where some people seek advice from me. This is something totally new to me and I am really excited. (How did I have relationships without going through this? They're all complicated stories. Trust me. Hahaha!)

I thought everything ended there since I was too tired to go out that day but surprisingly excitement follows me.

Around late afternoon we heard loud music playing from the covered court adjacent the apartment. So we thought there was just a birthday or a local government program going on; but when our glass windows began moving to the bass beat, there was something definitely going on.

So there we were, going through our hibernation when a local FM station was setting up a mini concert. Shamrock, Eric Santos and others showed their stuff meters away from our door. However, their powers weren't able to break our capabilities to sleep.

After the holocaust of sounds, noise and music, we decided to check the former Housemate out bearing chips in hand. (How could we NOT visit her? We only got two channels on our set and we've watched all our available DVD movies and series at least thrice.)

A quick adventure to her fridge emerged with an almost sunken treasure - half a bottle of Carlo Rossi Sanggria. I remember the first time I had wine, and even if I had higher tolerance back then I barely finished a glass. Only morning dews quenched the wine bottles as the sun rose.

I woke up Sunday still deciding if I wanted to get a new phone. A friend offered to have it on her credit card since I didn't have the cash. Since I definitely needed to be mobile, I considered what I needed:

  • I need the dual SIM feature. My family has a very strict communication policy.
  • I'm not sure if it's the trauma from the touch screen phone I had before but it has to be QWERTY this time.
  • There is no way I will get a phone that is more than P5000.00

So I checked it out online and found some product lines that fit my needs from Samsung, LG and Alcatel. Of course there are some local choices but after my experience with one,  I'm too cautious now.

Amazingly once we arrived at Sm Megamall, Samsung was on sale. So I got my list of my potential phones and we tried to catch the attention of one of the sales people.

Unfortunately, they were out of stock of the phone I wanted. When I asked her about their dual SIM options, she showed me Samsung GT-E2222 and I didn't want to let it go.

I was already set on it and when I asked the price, I was totally shocked - less than P3,000.00! After a few swipes, Kiara and I were inseparable, my little black one.

It was a happy day so I bought my new Kiara a new 4 Gb microSD card and lunch at Papa John's.

I am mobile once more, enjoying wine and experiencing new things. Turning 30 next year is going to be EXCITING!

Mid-week Mayhem
So I believe it was Tuesday that I was logged into PinoyG4M (a local LGBT social networking/forum site).  So while browsing over the common threads i visit, I noticed an online friend's post in the ranting for the pissed.

I really felt sad that he felt that way even if I had no idea what it was about.

After asking around I was able to go to the infamous post and replies that I think is where the distress originated. It was a thread about what makes you better than the last poster. After backreading, I am once again surprised since I personally know the other parties involved.

I am frustrated and sad due to the lack of social ethics that has been going around, moreover, the lack of substance most of the time.

We don't have to be bourgeoise, but we have a choice not to be pedestrians.
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