Thursday, February 10, 2011

bakit mahirap makahanap ng serious relationship? (a pg4m topic)

Para sa akin, hindi lang naman ito tungkol sa kakatihan. Try to dig in deeper than this issue.

Many people bank on the idea that they need someone to "complete" them, instead of someone to "compliment" them.
Doesn't this bring more frustrations and disappointments? Kaya siguro walang contentment.
This also suggests that we look for specifics. And we know we can't custom fit partners.

Hopeless romantics watch love stories too much, to the point that we subconciously expect that these fantasies will happen. Turn the player off and breathe the air outside.

Oo nga't mga tao rin tayong nagmamahal, ngunit alalahanin rin nating mga bakla tayo. Kung sa isang heterosekswal na relasyon e nagkakaroon ng pangangaliwa, ano pa kaya sa atin? It's a reality. Deal with it.

Marami rin kase sa ating naka-"I'm the center of the universe" mode. Sabi nila kung ayaw mong mawala sa'yo higpitan mo ang kadena pero bigyan mo ng mas mabigat na dahilan para mag-stay sa'yo.

I remember a friend of mine said to me. "...not unless he tells me that he does not love me anymore." They're still together after more than a decade and its fun to watch them remenicse their antics.

For people who have not been in a relationsip or have no plans in getting into one, then don't. It would be unhealthier for you and your future short-term partner if you don't have the courage to take risks. Everything will just be in vain.

"Don’t compare your life to others because you have no idea what their journey is all about."

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