Thursday, June 7, 2012

What is the Value of X?

There are some people who come for me for advice. Dito nagsimula ang aking mga infamous coaching session. Marami naman natulungan. Marami rin namang dumedma. 

Kailangan naman natin ng punto de vista ng ibang tao lalo't nasa isang emosyonal na sitwasyon tayo. Ito ay isang liham kasaysayan ng isang kaibigan. Nais kong makuha ang inyong opinyon ukol sa mga katangahan n'ya sa buhay.

X = si friend
Y = friend 1 ni X
Z = friend 2 ni X

X and Z have known each other for years. This frienship involved some sexual benefits along the way. Z tags along Y to hang out in X's place one Sunday night. Inevitably, there were "group activities" involved till Monday night.

They had fun and planned another meet up at X's place after a fortnight.

Y and Z decide to get into a relationship. Out of respect, they tell this to X.

Now, X is half hearted to go with the plan of hanging out with them on the scheduled weekend. He fears that he'd just feel left out after even though he knows he's going to have fun and "fun" with Y and Z.

What would you do if you were in X's situation?

Don't hesitate to post your opinions.
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