Friday, February 3, 2012

Another not-so Random Quote 12.10

A PinoyG4M admin once said:

What you think is a "true" relationship is, again, culturally determined. Some cultures, even until now, do not have the same concept of romance that we do; common ang arranged marriages, and some allow polygamy. It apparently works for them, so who are we to say that a monogamous relationship that was made because of mutual affection is the only valid partnership?

Loyalty, honesty and faithfulness are things that you decide to do, regardless of your sexual orientation. Your actions are shaped by your personal values as well as the environment you are in. It's unfair to generalize that homo or bisexual men are less loyal, honest and faithful because that assumes that (1) everyone follows the same standards of loyalty, honesty and faithfulness, and (2) everyone is completely in control of their actions.

You can read more of this here.

Best wishes to Rocky, Tobie and Prince.

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