Sunday, June 24, 2012

How Far Does One's Evil Forth?

The Ex had infidelity issues. During the time it was not a matter for him. 'Twas inconsequential to the relationship,he thought. Infidelity was, at a point, inevitable in a shared life. He had his mind set on the goal. Blessed are those immune to such.

Once the Ex got a friend's number and bedded with him. Another he had someone over, for a friendly chatter, maybe.

When the days waned and it felt that time was of the essence to part ways, he set him up with someone whom was rumored to had the seed. He paid the young bastard to bed with him in the pretense that it would be a group activity.

He waited in the living room while they mated. It was a thin wooden wall that separated the act and him. He felt the pain of infidelity and distrust even if it was his own construct. He knew there would be more pain on the other end the room in the long run. Yet, that did not give him comfort that time.

He left him after a few weeks.

The Ex now bears seed he is not aware.

Is it justice or simply evil vengence?

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