Monday, March 19, 2012

Take a Peek

Four seers have been requested to peek into the past and future of two souls, and why the Fates have weaved them together.

There's a natural rapport between you two. You might say they get along swimmingly. Conversation flows easily, as both share the emotional nuances of what they've experienced in life. The big accepting eyes are soothing, causing you to be less guarded. he is granted rare access to your well of intensity, and the door opens to a love bond. 

He is like a circle with no corners, while your emotional life is full of sharp edges. When you are blinded by their own extremes, he can talk them into a soft landing. On the other hand, your passionate nature can bring things to a boil, sparking his go-with-the-flow attitude into action. It's a mutually beneficial relationship, since they guide the other away from each sign's pitfalls.

You hold on too tightly and eventually find that he can wiggle free.  Your willful and controlling nature is also too much for him. He has to guard against negativity, being so quick to 'take on' the moods of others. Your toxicity draws him into those states, too. Both need periods of solitude to keep those personal boundaries intact. The relationship also thrives when each keeps up with outside interests and friendships.

This pairing has a cozy intimacy that's hard to beat. At home, they know the importance of "atmosphere" for domestic harmony. Together they experiment with color, music, decor and lighting to create the right mood. This sense of surroundings is important, and influences where they venture together outside the home, too. Both are more at home in calm, intimate gatherings than in large groups.

The bond you have created will last a lifetime, even if they go their separate ways. It's just too deeply embedded in the heart and soul to ever forget. Your confidence rubs off on him, who then feels emboldened to follow their own dreams. His compassion shows you the way past vengeance, and a doorway to something higher. A compatible match that holds the promise of sexual intimacy, empathic understanding, profound growth and trust.


The Priestess possesses intense emotional depth and is an expert at understanding feelings.  While the Grand Duke is sentiment and sympathy.  They make a beautiful team together.

The Priestess and the Grand Duke have the ability to tune into each other’s thoughts and feelings.  They make excellent mind-readers, sensitively and intuitively picking up on each others moods and thoughts.  They both use feelings to detect matters.  The Grand Duke should never discount their first impressions, for they possess great accuracy.  Once they sway the other direction, they will soon discover that their first gut instinct was best.  The Priestess' ability to calculate and size up a situation is usually right on target as well.

When in a friendship, Priestess has an ability to protect Grand Duke.  He is the more vulnerable of the two, and the Priestess  is capable of lending a supportive hand.  Her supportive ways may run into a sort of control mode from time to time, yet he may not detect her subtle ways during the early stages of their association.

He will teach her how to become more trusting, releasing and relaxing her deep and passionate intensity.  Trust is an important item on her list and he will have to work on gaining her trust and approval.  This may take some time, as he may fall short on keeping promises.  He often promises more than they can deliver, however sincere they may have been.  When the chips are down, it is difficult for him to pull themselves backup again.

The Grand Duke may choose to drift into any form of escapism when unable to maintain strength.  She may help to offset this deficiency with firm resolve, never giving up.  There exists a great degree of silent communication between them.

The Priestess often over-reacts to issues with much intensity.  In romantic unions, he has the ability to apply calmness to gently assist any of her dilemmas.  In return, she will protect his delicate vulnerable nature from being taken advantage of in unfair circumstances.  Just be certain not to play mind games with emotional issues with each other.

She is more of an independent soul, whereas he has a tendency to want to lean on a partner.  He becomes easily discouraged, while she  has a firm resolve.  He may hide feelings and she  is secretive.  They should strive to increase clear communications between them.

Enjoy spending quality time together doing the things you both love to do.  Dancing, music, artistic pursuits, swimming, or fishing and boating are all activities that have common appeal to both of these very emotional  souls.


A relationship between a  Brooded Swan and String Drawn is a remarkable union of two people with similar interests and who understand each other well. Brooded Swans  are profound and reserved, keeping to themselves. String Held are idealistic and look for interesting things in life. String Held also have a tendency to keep to themselves, and could forgive Brooded Swan’s secretive nature.

Brooded Swan  and String Held are intellectual, and know the niceties of the human mind. Brooded Swan  could help String Held realise their dreams and ambitions. Brooded Swan  provide a solid foundation for their friendship, and String Held offer empathy and consideration to Brooded Swan. Brooded Swan  love worldly possessions and emotional gratification, and are often at a loss at String Held’ simple and plain character. Once they surmount their dissimilarities, they would have a fruitful relationship.

Brooded Swan  and String Held are both of the waters. Brooded Swan  see the world in black and white, seldom accepting anything as remaining in between. String Held could help them see things in a broader light. Brooded Swan  might dislike the flexible nature of String Held, and String Held might consider Brooded Swan as  self centred and unfeeling. Both should learn to make compromises for each other.

Brooded Swan  is a fixed sign, and String Held is a mutable sign. Brooded Swan are focused on one endeavour, while String Held keep moving from one plan to another. String Held could easily get involved in the Brooded Swan’s schemes, as long as the Brooded Swan allows String Held its freedom. String Held could show Brooded Swan that sometimes adaptability is better than obstinacy.

The best aspect of a relationship between Brooded Swan  and String Held is the similarity in their disposition, and their emotional nature. They complement each other very well, and form a deep, solid relationship. 


Both very loyal and honest. They make a very happy couple. Their biggest problems may stem from your feelings of jealousy and potential betrayal. This offends him deeply, as he is as loyal as they come. If this issue can be worked through, this couple will live happily ever after. He tends to accumulate wealth and stability for their family, while you want to be charitable and give it away. This can be an area they have disagreements on. These two also make good friends.

He is skilled at soothing your sensitive nature. Your loyalty is appreciated. In business, they can succeed very well. They both have clear goals and high standards. Since they each trust each other completely, there are no worries.

He will spend most of his time trying to improve the world they live in. She is rooted firmly in reality while he is more idealistic. They may need a bit of adjustment to reach a common meeting ground.



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