Friday, January 20, 2012

No Child Policy

Officemate over IM: Ayaw mo ba magkapamilya?

This question has popped up so many times when I'm with some friend discussing my version of homosexuality. But for some reason when I was asked  this time I had a different rush of ideas.

Me over IM: I think the need to have a family is instinctive but given a choice I don't want to have a child, adopted or otherwise.

Yes. In those few moments I made a life-long decision, I don't want to have kids.

First gay granted legal rights to adopt children, Hollow Falls, VA late 1920's  

Let me help you see through my eyes. Given a chance I'd rather have a life partner than adopt or have a child through a surrogate.

Many before me have decided to the path of parenthood. I have nothing against them and surely admire the strength and paternal/maternal instinct to take on this task.

I would often go back to me and my parents. I love them unconditionally and am very thankful of the years of nurture they have showered me. But it comes to a point that, like them, I would want to live my life as my own.

Our culture is quite Asian in this aspect and I am the guy who didn't visit his sick grandmother because I didn't want her to see the pity in my eyes.

I wouldn't want my future child to undergo the stress of looking after me when I am unable to accomplish tasks anymore. I know I will deteriorate and when that time comes I would like to have someone to deteriorate alongside with me.

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