Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Marry the Night at O Bar


This would describe my O Bar experience last Sunday.

My “gay sisters” were planning to come over that weekend to get a piece of the limelight in the gay scene in Manila.

I rarely go to bars. I've become much of a home buddy and enjoy sleeping. So I anxiously asked Rocky and Tobie if they were available since I knew they frequent the place.

I invited some of the guys from PG4M to join us too.

So I went to Megamall to meet up with one of my sisters. After a bit of catching up, we had dinner at Persian Square in Home Depot with Jade, Bern and Markee. And MJ joined us later on.

It's the first time I've been to the place. It's really cozy and service was good. Checking out the menu made me realize why.

Their main courses where at the P300-P500 range. Too pricey, I thought. After a bit more browsing over the menu we found a kebab platter that seemed hearty enough. We also added Beryani rice, some pita and something we call “Persian laing”.

Yum, Yum.

We walked a bit since Jade has a shift by 11.30pm. That's where we met with Athan/Levi. 

We eventually found ourselves drinking a couple of bottles at Metrowalk while waiting for Jeff and Rovi. It's as if we're horse shite.

Though it was unfortunate Bern and Markee and MJ couldn't join us.

Once we received word that the Baduy Pride duo has arrived, we had our asses marching to the entrance. Juna and Jhonnel joined us after Cinderella left.

This wasn't my cherry pop experience but I was too dirty, tired and paunchy to enjoy that time.

I'd like to thank Tobie for letting us experience Kamikaze. Though I still have to suffer its so-called backstabbing effects.

Thanks also to Jhonnel for the Absolut and mixing us a few glasses of  Madonna!

Amazing crowd. I saw at least two showbiz personalities, three or four bosses from the same office building, my friend's ex, my other friend's former FuBu,   some people I have indirect negotiations in the past, a couple of guys I recognized from some BDSM sites,  and two strangely familiar faces I can't recall where I've seen. Luckily I didn't see anyone I have been intimate or sexual with.

My hometown sister also seemed to have enjoyed the night, among others. Hahaha!

Thanks for a very wonderful O Bar night!

Kamikazee Toast

Icaru. Me and the guys from PinoyG4M


Thanks, Rocky for the pictures! 

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