Saturday, September 3, 2011

50 Random Stuff About Lanchie

    I've seen a lot of bloggers and websites doing this so I decided to jump into the bandwagon. Harhar!

1    I'm from an upper lower class family.

2    Spent my childhood in San Juan, grew up more in Cavite and currently renting in Pasig.

3    I've worn eyeglasses since the fourth grade and am at almost 400 grade.

4    Watching Happy Tree Friends helps me relax.

5    Killed small animals during childhood (No, the dark triad wasn't completed.)

6    I love my parents undoubtedly, but sometimes I wish I had a different set.

7    As a kid, I had such a nasty allergic reaction to certain seafood I had to be rushed to a hospital. Now, my body is allergic to more stuff and food.

8    In most social cliques I was part of, I enjoyed being the only gay guy.

9    I'm malambing to a very few people. (malambing = sweet)

10    I have (non-sexual) unresolvable childhood trauma.

11   I don't drink hot coffee, or anything hot for that matter, in the morning. It makes me bloated and want to puke.

12    I'm bad at lying. Really baaaaad.

13    Mahina ako sa lyrics. Sobra. (I'm bad at memorizing lyrics of songs.)

14    I considered myself an alcoholic during my youth. Now my tolerance currently on a downward trend

15    Sabi nila bully daw ako. (People say I'm a bully.)

16    I don't look approachable. Some people get amazed that we get along.

17    I'm now just slightly directionally challenged thanks to taxis.

18    I only eat chocolate that has almonds in it.

19    I grew up with dogs and cats and rabbits and turtles and fishes, but I'm not a pet person. I like plants better.

20    If you don't think I'm sarcastic and cynical... you met the wrong person.

21    Green will always catch my attention. ALWAYS.

22    I always have a fear of being poor.

23    I'm also so bad at flirting in bars. Last time I tried the guy from the other table thought I was trying to pick a fight.

24    Pedicures are the only way I get my toenails spic and span. I don't get manicures though.

25    I'm fashion challenged. I can't even shop alone.

26    I prefer mayonnaise over ketchup

27    I find Kris Lawrence hot.

28    I'm a choral enthusiast.

29    I tend to over-pack for trips.

30    I can endure the cold better than hot weather.

31    I have the tendency to stress eat.

32    Guys with nice hair catch my attention.

33    A good conversation sparks my interest.

34    I'm hopeless romantic.

35    Almost had a house burned down because someone was pissing me off.

36    I was never a gamer. No plans of getting into it either.

37    I have low tolerance for physical pain.

38    I am organized clutter.

39    Loves surprises.

40    I've played Lady Gaga's Bad Romance for about a month at work. Non-stop.

41    Beaches give me mixed feelings now.

42    I'd marry the person who gives me a good massage.

43    I'm too lazy for gyms.

44    I'm 5'7” but I look shorter.

45    I'm orally fixated.

46    I bore myself sometimes.

47    According to relatives, our great, great, great, great, great, great grand aunt is a  babaylan.

48    I've always been a beer drinker. Sub zero beer will win me over.

49   I think infidelity is juvenile.

50     I love myself more as time passes.
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