Monday, June 27, 2011


"isa na namang pananaw I somehow cooked up this weekend while talking to friends over coffee.

ang pagtetext (at pagrereply) ay hindi obligasyon. Ginagawa mo 'to dahil gusto mo, hindi dahil kelangan dahil kayo.
Magtetext ako dahil gusto kita kamustahin, hindi dahil kelangan ka magreply. Tulad din magrereply ako dahil gusto ko, hindi dahil naoobliga akong magreply.

This  is one of my posts in in my personal shrine here. 

One lazy Sunday when the housemate and I were just talking about random stuff. Eventually, the conversation came to relationships and some common expectations. 

The popularity of mobile phones in the Philippines has changed our lifestyle a lot. Communication  has been taken to the fast lane compared to a decade ago. And since this is one of  the basic and important factors in a romantic relationship, we would rely heavily on the mobile technology.

Being too proactive or suggestive (or plain pushy) in a relationship has it's insufferable consequences. There's dependency. Later on you'd realize that you are a matter of convenience rather than a partner. There's also the risk of the other person being cordially responsive instead of really knowing what that other person wants. 

I'm mumbling already. 

I had my share of relationships but I'm no expert on how to nourish one and universal truths. What I'm simply saying is that this trail is sensible. If we send a message simply for the reason of sending your sentiments and concern across, and not because we expect a response, wouldn't it be much simpler?
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